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Deck the Dorm!

 Written by    December 8, 2017

Well guys, we’ve finally made it to that last stretch of the semester. With finals looming over head and much studying to be done, there’s one great way to brighten up the atmosphere (literally)…Decorating!

If you know me, you know that I love to decorate, and my dorm room is no exception. This year, my roommate and I have decorated with some wall decals, Christmas lights, a little elf and penguin figurine from home, and best of all, a tiny Christmas tree! You may not think that decorating such a small space would make much of a difference, but it makes our shoebox so much cozier. Plus, it was easy to bring up a few things from home after Thanksgiving and to find a few things in stores near campus (CVS, for example).

If you’re not looking to spend any money on decorations and don’t want the hassle of hauling things from home, there are a few other options you might like, such as paper snowflakes or a Christmas card display. And hey, the ambience might just make those late night study sessions a little bit more tolerable.


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