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Things I Didn’t Need to Pack for College

 Written by    December 8, 2017

There are a million lists out there of things to pack for college, but here’s a list of things you probably don’t need to pack. After getting settled in at Ohio State, there were definitely a few things I realized I wouldn’t be needing:

  • leisure books and DVDs

I don’t have time to read anything outside of my classes. I’ve watched one or two movies this year, but I don’t really need the DVDs when I have Netflix.

  • nail polish and curling iron

Again, these things take time that I don’t have.

  • plates and bowls

During your first year at Ohio State, you’re required to have a meal plan. This means that I rarely eat in my dorm. I have a bunch of plates and bowls that I don’t ever use; a few mugs would suffice.

  • extra pair of pajamas

I wear the same pair, wash them with the rest of my laundry, and wear them again. I don’t need two.

  • two pairs of tennis shoes

Having an extra pair of tennis shoes just takes up space, and besides, I wear the same pair 99% of the time, anyway.

  • binders

These are too bulky to carry around in your bookbag all day. I have five-subject notebook, a folder with six pockets, and a planner. Along with a flashdrive, that’s all I need.


When you’re packing for college, it’s important to ask yourself what you really need and what you don’t. Your space is limited, so plan wisely!


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