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Letter To My Favorite Professors

 Written by    December 11, 2017

I am a little more than halfway through my college career and I’ve taken some time to reflect on the instructors I’ve had throughout my time at Ohio State, so I thought I’d write a letter to my three favorite professors.

Dear Prof,

At a school with over 50,000 enrolled students it takes a lot of effort to make this place smaller. And in lecture halls with 200+ students, it’s hard to even feel like professors care about you at all. And then there’s the three of you.

Miss H, somehow you were able to make a lecture hall with 200 students feel like a one-on-one study session. You even learned a lot of our names! The best part was that you spoke to us as if we were functioning adults who could think for ourselves instead of little kids who just needed to write down every word that you said. For that, I thank you for making biology a little less scary for a communication major.

Mr. S, walking into your class I always had to prepare myself for a challenge, but for some reason it excited me more than frightened me. You always found a way to apply what we learned to our professional futures instead of just giving us facts we would never need. You held yourself accountable by regularly checking with us to see how we felt about the class. The way you cared made us care too.

Mr.T! By far my favorite professor thus far. You not only taught us how to design, you taught us how to build our own personal brand. You taught the class with passion and exuberance and at first it made our small class of 14 people laugh, but we soon learned that your excitement was authentic. You challenged our apathy and made us think about who we wanted to be in our ever looming futures. And for that I appreciate you more than you know.

As I look forward to the rest of my stay as a Buckeye I’m excited about who I may cross paths with next. You three have impacted my future more than you realize, and I just wanted to say thank you.




An eternally grateful Buckeye


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