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Fall Semester Memories

 Written by    December 15, 2017

Since I’m graduating in the spring, I just finished my last undergraduate fall semester ever. I can’t believe how fast the time went! Fall semester is so much fun because everyone has so much energy for the new school year, and I was just thinking about some favorite memories from each of my fall semesters, so I wanted to share them with you.

Freshman year: 

Freshman year, I lived in Lincoln Tower, which is right next to the field the marching band uses to practice their halftime show every afternoon. It was always a highlight of my day to come home from class and be greeted by the sounds of the marching band playing TV show themes, the “Wizard of Oz
soundtrack, or classic rock songs. I enjoyed getting to see a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into the amazing halftime shows, and I’d loved the Ohio State marching band long before I started college, so seeing the band every day really made it feel real that I was an actual Ohio State student. Later, I would look up videos of the marching band on YouTube to see the final product of what they had been working on all week!

Sophomore year:

My sophomore year was the first year that Scott Traditions dining hall was opened, and I’ll always remember the first time I went to Scott to eat. My roommate and I were so impressed with all of the food options and the fact that the dining hall was two stories tall! It was so much fun to try all the different food options (not all at the same time, of course). And I still enjoy going to Scott with my friends every once in a while.

Junior year:

One of my favorite memories from junior year was a particularly warm day in early November. My afternoon class had been canceled, but I didn’t feel like sitting inside my apartment on such a warm and sunny day. So instead I sat at a table outside Thompson library and read a book. It was so wonderful to appreciate the weather on one of the last warm days of the semester and get to see all the beautiful leaves on the trees on the oval.

Senior year:

This past semester, I got to spend a weekend at an Ohio State LGBT leadership retreat. The Multicultural Center supported the retreat, so it was completely free for the students who went. We stayed in cabins in Yellow Springs and got to participate in leadership workshops, had campfires, and made meals together. I love that Ohio State supports retreats for students like this, it’s a great way to build leadership skills and become closer with other students!

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