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A Semester in Review

 Written by    December 15, 2017

If your experience is anything like mine, just about every college student you know will likely tell you a similar anecdotal story about how they were initially terrified about leaving for college but as soon as they stepped onto campus that first day in August they felt right at home. This unanimous fairytale seeming story about finding an immediate sense of belonging can leave you frustrated and distraught when you don’t immediately find your best friends or when you experience your first pang of homesickness. You might feel alone and confused as to why you “can’t just fit in like everyone else did.”

The first few weeks of college was a series of trial and error. One day I’d sit with a girl I had met in lecture and realize that maybe we weren’t as compatible as I had thought. The next day I’d talk to a girl on my floor. One week I’d attend what seemed like a dozen club meetings and then the next week I’d decide to only go back to two of those clubs. The hard thing about college is that it is perhaps the first time that you legitimately get to figure out who you are. Likely no one knows you by the reputations that you have built up in your home town and suddenly you parents aren’t around to scrutinize your mess ups. While this can at first feel terrifying, with time it becomes liberating.

Soon you enter a rhythm. Saturdays are spent at the football games laughing and cheering with thousands of other Buckeyes that are always looking for new friends. Sunday nights are spent writing lab reports well into the night with your lab partners and a box of pizza on hand. The awkward small talk morphs into deep conversations late at night on Wednesdays as you chat into the night despite the small voice in the back of your head reminding you that you have an eight a.m. the next morning. The weeks begin to go by faster and faster, with Mondays melting into Fridays and Fridays blurring into Sunday nights. While the weeks at first seemed to drag on, now you can’t even believe that it has already been five weeks since you left your hometown in pursuit of not only your future, but yourself.

Now, having completed my final exams and packed up to head home for break, I couldn’t tell you where the time went.  While those first few weeks were fraught with confusion over where I fit in, I finally feel as though I have found my place. It’s hard to accept some of the changes that come with the college transition. The best thing to keep in mind, though, is that with time you will find your place. I promise.

To commemorate the end of the semester, here are some pictures from my favorite memories:

 Move in day

 The first game of the season An adventure into German VillageThe first day of in my research lab


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