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Review of this Semester’s Classes

 Written by    December 20, 2017

Now that my final grades are in, fall semester is officially over. So I thought I’d take some time to answer the question every college student is getting asked this winter break: “how were your classes?” (But don’t worry, this blog post will be more than just the word “fine.”)

Speech and Hearing 5732: Aural Rehab

This class was great! We learned in-depth about the role of audiologists in treating hearing losses, and how they can interact with different populations of patients. In addition to learning about hearing aids and cochlear implants, we also had several lectures on the counseling aspects of being an audiologist and the ways that the counseling goes beyond simply telling a patient which hearing aid/assistive listening device would work best for them. The professor had also worked as a clinical audiologist for many years, so she told us a lot about her own experiences working with patients, which I loved!

Linguistics 3603: Language Across Cultures

This class was different than I was expecting–I thought it would be more about unique aspects of different languages and “fun fact” type information about what makes each language different. While there was a little bit of that, the class was more focused on aspects of language that linguists could study in different cultures and how they’re categorized. For example, we had one class period where we learned about politeness and the ways linguists categorize the ways people can ask for favors from others. We also did a project that involved interviewing someone who’s not a native English speaker, so I interviewed my grandma, whose native language is Hebrew. It was fun! Although the class wasn’t what I was expecting, it was a fairly interesting class and a good way to fulfill a general education requirement.

History 3040: History of the American City

I really enjoyed this class. There was a lot of reading involved in it, but it was all interesting and often included contemporary news articles and documentaries that allowed you to get a better idea of how American cities impacted race, gender and class differences. Unlike the history class I took last spring, History 3040 was a smaller class and we had a discussion day each Friday where we would talk about the readings that were due that week. These discussions were a great way to gain a more complete understanding of the topics we learned about in the lectures on the other days of the class. This class also had no in-class tests, just out-of-class essays. The essays did take a little bit more time, but it was nice to not have to feel stressed about memorizing specific dates and terms for tests!

Speech and Hearing 5605: Multicultural Speech, Language, and Hearing

This was a class that will definitely be important in my future: we learned about aspects relating to treating people from diverse cultures with speech, language or hearing disorders. Part of the class was dedicated to learning about specific cultures and considerations speech pathologists and audiologists would have to think about when treating them, and part of the class was about general knowledge to keep in mind when treating people who are bilingual, don’t speak English and/or speak a different dialect of English. For example, one lecture was dedicated to learning about correct and incorrect ways to interact with an interpreter for a patient who doesn’t speak English. Similar to my other speech and hearing class, the instructor had worked as a speech pathologist in the past, so she often told us about her own experiences in speech pathology. I know I’ll be thinking about this class when I’m working as an audiologist in the future!

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