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Start of Semester Checklist

 Written by    December 28, 2017

As the holidays draw to a close and 2018 looms near, the time for OSU students to return to campus for a new semester is nearly upon us. Although it is difficult to return to classes after a long break, it is important to remember all that needs to be done in the early days of the SP18 semester. Here are some helpful “to-do” items that you may want to ensure you have completed before (or shortly after) returning to campus:


1.) Textbooks!

You may not want to think about it now, but reserving your textbooks is something that needs to be done ASAP, as waiting until the last minute could spell trouble for your academics. The campus bookstore actually sold out of every copy of a text for one of my English classes during the first week of last semester, so many students were left scouring Amazon at the last minute to get the required books. So, it is best to order your books early! To access the campus bookstore website, check out the following link:


Additionally, be sure to log in to Carmen to see if additional texts have been posted on individual syllabi. Some instructors choose not to register their texts with the bookstore.

2.) Pay that Bill!

Another important item that you must take care of ASAP is your Statement of Account balance on Buckeye Link. January 2, 2018 is the initial fee due date for SP18, according to the University Registrar. This means that you should plan accordingly for your payment so that it is received by OSU on time. Failure to make your payment on time could result in holds on your account or even in being dropped from courses, so ensure that all necessary fees are paid by this date. Plan money transfers, check mailings, etc. accordingly so that your payment is not late!

3.) “Back to School” Shopping

Lastly, do not forget to get all of the school supplies that you might need for this semester. Pencils, notebooks, loose leaf paper, pens, etc. can all be easily forgotten over break, but sitting down in your lecture on the first day of class only to realize you have no means of taking notes is never fun. You should ensure that you are prepared with your supplies BEFORE the semester starts in order to avoid chaos during the first week of classes.


Additionally, remember to consult your academic advisor as needed throughout the start of this semester to address your scheduling concerns and degree progress as needed. Advising offices are usually pretty swamped during the first few weeks of a term, so make your appointments in advance. Best wishes for a strong semester!



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