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The Truth About Housing

 Written by    January 2, 2018

The three sections of campus all cater to different types of people and thus everyone seems to be pretty adamant about the “best place to live.” The truth is, though, each section of campus offers a different experience and no experience is better or worse than another. Here is a guide to what each section of campus has to offer:

1. North campus

The north end of campus offers a plethora of options for exploring the city of Columbus. Most of these dorms are located right up on High Street, allowing for a short walk to the COTA bus stop, which can you all the way up to the Short North Arts District, German Village and beyond. As a city girl myself, this is my favorite location because of the way its location allows you to venture off to far off parts of the city or walk to a local off campus coffee shop. If you enjoy exploring cities and walking around cute little shopping districts, this is likely the best location for you. In addition to the city-front location, this part of campus also has some of the newest dorms. While you won’t get that ivy-clad collegiate feel, the beautiful floor to ceiling windows and ultra-sleek study rooms in these new dorms are definitely lust worthy. Finally, north campus is home to Taylor Tower, one of the major Honors dorms on campus. If you happen to be a member of the Honors community, this is a great place to live. While it is the one of the only “old” dorms on north campus, you will end up making quick friends living here because the people that live here will be many of the same people in your honors classes! Also, there are two gyms located here–however they are significantly smaller than the RPAC. While it can be hard to snag a spot on a treadmill at the North Recreational Center, Jesse O on North is another option for working out. These gyms don’t have a whole lot of amenities like the RPAC, but they offer a nice way to stay in shape.

2. West Campus

West Campus often seems to get a bad reputation because it is “far away from everything.” For someone that plans on spending a lot of time in the city, this may be true. However, West Campus is likely one of the best locations for someone who is a big fan of sports. In close proximity is the famous “Shoe” where all the Saturday football games are held. Living on west campus places you very close to the tailgating fun that takes place all of fall semester. In addition, a plethora of soccer fields and tennis courts lie before the two major dorms (Lincoln and Morrill Tower). Finally, the biggest recreational center on campus is only a short walk from west campus. The “RPAC” is a short walk from here and offers all sorts of fun activities from basketball to swimming to racket ball in addition to the typical assets in normal gyms. The RPAC also has the best smoothies and acai bowls on campus. Finally, west campus offers quite a bit of green space. It is relatively close to the Olentangy River as well as a series of gardens located right in front of the towers.

3. South campus

The dorms and buildings on south campus are some of the most beautiful on the whole Ohio State campus. These buildings are the typical picture-perfect ivy clad buildings that we all think about when we imagine the collegiate life. In addition to the beautiful stone buildings, south campus places you close to three of the best assets on campus: Thompson Library, Adriatico’s Pizza and Mirror Lake. Thompson library is the largest library and is located at the bottom end of the Oval. It offers many private study rooms that can be rented, a beautiful Grand Reading Room (if you want to feel super smart and “college-y” this is the place to go), an incredible top floor view of Columbus, and a nice little cafe to grab a snack. After all that studying, it can be nice to check out another south campus staple: Adriatico’s. The pizza that you will have there is some of the best on campus. Finally, south campus is home to the historic Mirror Lake district. This beautiful lake is one of the most serene locations on campus and fulfills all the preppy traditional college desires you might have. Also, a bonus of living here is that if you are a biology major or on the pre-med track, most of your classes will likely be somewhere close by.

Nosker is one of the new dorms on north campus

The Shoe is arguably the pride of Ohio State and it is near West Campus

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