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Surviving the First Semester: Advice from an OSU Freshman

 Written by    January 2, 2018

Although August seems to be just yesterday, the reality of the matter is that Autumn semester has come and gone, leaving freshmen such as myself with a lot to look back upon. While I still have 3.5 years to go at The Ohio State University, I want to take a moment to share some of my biggest tips for success as a new freshman.


“Tacky” icebreakers — They actually work!!

Before arriving on campus (or even applying to schools, for that matter), freshmen are usually bombarded with advice on making friends at college.  Like many other high school seniors, I laughed off these suggestions as “silly” and “tacky” — after all, who sits down with strangers in a dining hall to meet people? And what’s the deal with icebreakers, anyways? People don’t even like those. Well, after swallowing my pride and trying some of these tips for myself, I discovered that not only are icebreakers and “get-to-know-you” strategies not pointless, but they are actually fantastic ways to make friends. In particular, I made some of my closest friends at OSU by: leaving my door open when I am in my room, sitting with new people at dining facilities, and by paying attention during icebreaker games to find those with similar interests as me. You won’t make friends overnight, and it may not always be easy; but it WILL happen. Just be sure to keep an open mind and take the opportunities that are given to you and you will be fine!

This isn’t high school

You’ve probably heard this one many times before, but its importance cannot be overstated. College and high school are two different ball games. Not only are college classes more rigorous in terms of exam difficulty, but they require significantly more out-of-class preparation. Classes in college typically only meet 1-3 times per week, whereas high school classes meet everyday. It takes a while for some students, such as myself, to adjust to this, for high school academics always came quite easily to me. So be sure to take this fact seriously–studying for an exam the night before and expecting an A typically does not work in college.


Take advantage of resources available

OSU has plenty of resources that are available at no additional cost to full time students. Many freshmen do not know about these great resources, but I was lucky enough to find out about many of them quite early on in my academic career. Some of these resources include: the Younkin Success Center, the RPAC, the Student Wellness Center, and more! Be sure to investigate these resources for free fitness classes, academic tutoring and support, immunizations (such as flu shots), and a plethora of other resources. And, most importantly, remember to keep in touch with your academic advisor frequently–this is an important person available to to help you. Visit https://www.osu.edu/currentstudents/  to find more resources!


Best wishes for a great 2018, Buckeyes!!

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