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It’s 2018, and Michigan still sucks

 Written by    January 3, 2018

Ah, yes, more unnecessary football commentary from yours truly.

If you told me a year ago that I would be super into college football, I would have laughed at you. But alas, here I am, and less than a year of being a Buckeye has turned me into a crazed fan. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to make fun of TTUN!

Have you seen all the headlines recently? Michigan ruined the Big 10’s perfect bowl season, and although I kind of wanted the perfection of zero losses, I’m loving the attention they’re getting. Let’s check out some of the headlines, shall we?

From Detroit News

“Woe Blue”? “Falls apart”? loving the word choice.

From Detroit Free Press

“Implodes”. Even better!

From SB Nation



Of course, I have an appreciation for the ones that mention they ruined our conference.

From Land Of 10

Like this one, too! I appreciate how they both mentioned “Michigan blew it”. Parallel language is a nice touch.

From Fox Sports

And, last but not least, the best headline is the one that acknowledges Michigan did not taint what we already proved. This year’s bowl season was unparalleled by any other conference, and you’d be a fool to think that that means nothing. It seems people are finally coming around to realize that the Big Ten is, well, a Big Deal. It’s nice to finally see credit where credit is due.

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