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Semester Predictions: Spring 2018 Edition

 Written by    January 12, 2018

The first week of classes is almost over and I’ve had all of my classes at least once, so I figured now would be a good time to give my predictions for how each of my classes will go this semester. (Yes, these predictions are all based on looking through the syllabus and meeting the professor 1-2 times, but we’ll see how accurate my initial impressions are!)

Speech and Hearing 5760: Neurology of Speech and Hearing

I’m excited for this class because it’s in my major and because I’ve had the professor before and really like him, but I’m also a little bit nervous for the class. I know nothing about neurology, and I’ve heard from people who’ve taken the class in the past that it can be tricky. However, the professor said not to worry too much about grades and to focus more on understanding the material and that he always curves the grades so we shouldn’t be concerned about that. Also, the class is from 5:30 p.m.-6:50 p.m.! I’ve never had a class that late before, so that’ll definitely take some getting used to. We’ll see how it goes…

History 3650: History of Families

This class seems super cool–we’re discussing different types of families in the US, including aspects like race, gender roles, LGBT parenting and legislation regarding families. I’ve also heard that this professor is great and my friends who have taken classes with him really like him. There’s a lot of assigned reading due each class period, but I’m interested in the subject material, so hopefully I’ll enjoy the readings.

History of Art 3010H: Gender in Western Art

When I was looking for another class to schedule for this semester, my advisor suggested this one, so I decided to sign up. It’s a completely new subject for me to be learning in college, which is a little scary, but the professor seems very engaging and passionate about the information. He also said that he understands if we have no background in art history. One of my good friends is in the class as well, so I’m excited to spend more time with her this semester!

Consumer Science–Consumer and Family Financial Services 2260: Family Financial Management

One of my friends took this class last semester, and when she told me about it, I knew it would be a beneficial class for me to take. I’m hoping to learn plenty of personal finance skills that will help me when I start to live in the “real world.” In addition to hopefully giving me lots of skills, this class is also the first online class I’ve ever taken. It’ll definitely take me a little while to get used to sitting in my room to watch lectures and to never interact with the professor in person–it was a little strange this first week. And I didn’t realize that there would be so much math–our first homework assignment was all about calculating the future value of investments if you invest a certain amount of money at a certain interest rate! But although I’m not loving the math, I’m trying to be optimistic about the class because I know it will come in handy in the future.

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