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New Years’ Resolutions (NYR Pt.I)

 Written by    January 8, 2018

As we turn the page to a brand new year, all anyone will be able to talk about for half of January is New Years’ Resolutions. To make them or not to make them? Why you choose what you choose and whether you stick to those goals.

More gym time. Less cookies. Better organization. Not as much screen time.

As someone who thrives on goal-setting and list-making, I love making New Years’ Resolutions. But I think it’s important to be intentional about the way we do it.

One of the problems with New Years’ Resolutions is that they’re supposed to last for the next 356 days. Much of the time we forget them by February. I think this is because they’re either too big to tackle or we have the “I’ll get to this later” mentality.

If we set smaller goals for the week or month that reflect our overarching goals for the year, we’ll be a lot more likely to stay on track. It’s all about baby steps.


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