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The pros and cons of giving yourself a schedule with a three-day weekend

 Written by    January 8, 2018

Whether you’re a future, current or former college student, you’ve probably heard about the elusive no-classes-on-Mondays or no-classes-on-Fridays schedule. How wonderful! you probably think. A three-day weekend every week! Well, I’m here to help you consider all of the facts before you decide whether you want to attempt a three-day-weekend-every-week schedule.

During spring semester my sophomore year, I had no classes on Fridays. And this semester, I have no classes on Mondays! Both times, I wasn’t specifically looking to have no classes on those days, it was just how my schedule happened to work out. It can be very hard to go into scheduling with the goal of getting a three-day weekend because it can really limit your class options, but it’s a nice surprise when your class choices happen to work in your favor.

A few nice things about having Mondays or Fridays with no classes:

1. It gives you more free time to get work done: a day with no classes is an ideal time to work on schoolwork.

2. You get an extra day to sleep in: I think this one is self-explanatory 🙂

3. More time to hang out with friends and/or explore Columbus: if you’re not worried about getting to a class on time, you can spend time doing the things that make college fun!

A few things that make a perpetual three-day weekend more difficult than you might expect:

1. You have to be disciplined in order to actually get work done: it’s very easy to think “I have the whole day to do this work, I don’t have to do it yet.” I found that I often let whole days slip away from me because I kept giving myself “15 more minutes” before I started actually doing my work.

2. It can be hard to get out of bed and force yourself to do stuff when you don’t have a class making you get out of bed: Similar to #1, it’s hard to motivate yourself to actually use the extra day to be productive when you don’t HAVE to get out of bed.

3. Unless you’re lucky, most of your friends will probably have class on those days and won’t be able to hang out as often as you’d like. Of course there’s plenty to explore in Columbus when you’re on your own, but if you’re hoping to explore with your friends, you might have to be willing to wait until they’re done with class for the day.

Overall, a three-day weekend schedule can be fun and productive as long as you’re aware of the ways in which it can be challenging to make the most of the extra day. I like to try to still get up around 8 a.m. and don’t let myself spend too long in the morning just relaxing and not working. That way, I make sure I at least get some work done on my “day off.” We’ll see if I’m able to keep that up throughout this semester…

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