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Are you in an inferior major?

 Written by    January 16, 2018

I know I’ve discussed majors and their stereotypes before, but I feel that it’s an important topic to hone in on.

So, are you in an inferior major?

Come on, you know what I’m talking about. The majors that people turn their nose up at, the majors that aren’t as “intellectual,” the majors that are inย that college or center onย those classes. They call them easy majors, last resort majors, inferior majors. I mean, if you were really smart, wouldn’t you be in engineering or pre-med?

Yeah, hearing that stuff hurts me, too. I have plenty of experience hearing how the future is STEM, that my major isn’t intellectually stimulating, that it must be “real hard to read a book and state your opinion on it”. Welcome to the land of inferior majors.

Well, I have a little secret to share with you, one that not many college students are let in on:ย there aren’t any inferior majors.

It’s true! You aren’t any less deserving of your reputation than your microbiology major friend! You aren’t dumber, or worth less or have an easier college experience.

It seems we have created a hierarchy of intelligence. Those at the bottom don’t go to college. Right above are the ones that went to a community college or trade school. Next we have those that went to a 4-year school, but not a “good” one. Then we have people that went to a good school (like OSU, wink wink). But it doesn’t stop there! The apex, the epitome of smartness, lies in people who are in a “good major” at a good school. We all bought into this ridiculous idea, and it has caused some egos to inflate, others to deflate and others to simply feel that they can devalue other people’s passions.

If there wasn’t an interest, a need for a certain major, then it wouldn’t exist. There are real jobs for every major, and incredibly intelligent people in every major. No matter how snidely they talk about your studies when you’re not around, your major is worth it.

So, dear English majors, please write your hearts out! We need great professional writers and authors and publicists and journalists and technical writers. History majors, become experts in our past! Be a curator or delve into forgotten places and people that deserve remembrance, or educate everyone else! Design majors, do your thing that no one else can do, express your creativity and go on to work in advertising or fashion or whatever you’re after. Please, don’t let others put your spark out. Creativity is intelligence, too; that’s why not everyone can do it. The little majors are important, too; that’s why we have them. Your major doesn’t determine your worth.

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