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Amazon Pick-Up Point

 Written by    February 1, 2018

Last summer, High Street got a new business that many students have found convenient: an Amazon Pickup location. People who have Amazon Prime can order their Amazon packages to be delivered to the pickup point, and many items are available for free same-day pickup, meaning they’ll deliver it to the store on the same day you order it! Even if your package isn’t eligible for same-day pickup, sending it to the pickup location can still be a good idea if you’re worried about a package being left outside because of things like weather or untrustworthy neighbors.

I tried out the same-day pickup option for the first time this semester. It was a really rainy and windy day, and my umbrella broke! I ordered a new one to be delivered that day, and sure enough, I got an email that afternoon that my umbrella was ready to be picked up.

Here’s how the pickup process works:

  1. Amazon sends you an email once your package has been delivered to the store
  2. When you’re on your way to pick it up, open the email on your phone and click “get pickup code”
  3. By the time you get to the store, a webpage on your phone will tell you what number locker your package is in and give you a code to scan at the locker
  4. Find the correct locker and scan the code on your phone
  5. A door will pop open, revealing your package
  6. Go home and enjoy your new stuff!

This is a great amenity to have so close to campus, and it looks like there are plenty of people using its services every time I walk by. I’m glad Ohio State has such a convenient and quick way for students to receive packages!


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