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I went to John Mulaney’s show and my dreams came true

 Written by    January 16, 2018

In case you didn’t know, comedian John Mulaney came to OSU and had a show in the Wexner Center for the Arts on his Kid Gorgeous tour. You should also know that I absolutely love John.

So my lovely friend Rose brought me to his show with second row, front and center tickets. For the past month, I’ve been joking about being the person in the crowd that he makes fun of (you know, since comedians always make an effort to interact with the crowd). I had said that my dreams would come true if he called me out.

And then he did.

Me and Rose at our seats!!

He was joking about college, and states that he was an English major. I said “Woo!” as one does when the comedian mentions something personal to someone in the crowd. He turns and looks down at me and says, “do not woo at my biggest regret.”

Everyone was laughing, and he asks me my name. I told him it was Brittany. He said, “Brittany, I paid $120,000 to major in reading books that I never even read!” I was sort of in shock and stupidly stated the obvious, telling him that I was an English major.

know you’re an English major, that’s why I’m trying to talk you out of it! Brittany, you’re spending money to major in a language that you already know!”

I was beside myself that that really just happened. I had joked for so long about being the one he calls out, but I seriously doubted it would ever happen. It was one of the coolest, and absolutely the funniest, moments of my life.

Rose and I waited with a little crowd outside to meet him. If you’ve read my past blog posts, you know I talk about my major a lot, and discuss the views of liberal arts majors being stupid quite often. I find it very ironic that that’s exactly what this whole situation centered on. Nonetheless, John came out and talked to us, and I excitedly greeted him with, “Hi, you made fun of me!”

He was very kind and made an effort to talk to everyone individually. He apologized for poking fun at me, and said studying English is actually a great program. I’m horrible at talking to people and I’ve never met an “influencer” or “celebrity” (or whatever term you call them) before, and I said, “Yeah, uh you’re rich and famous and write for a bunch of TV networks so I don’t see where it did you wrong.” He laughed and told me that’s just because he’s a stand-up comedian.

I’m still a bit in shock that it all happened. What an insane story I have to tell now, and a great memory I get to carry with me. What I had been calling “a dream come true” actually occurred, and I was questioned about my life choices by one of my favorite people. What a great night.

Me and the guy himself! Thanks for holding my phone with your gigantic arms for this.

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