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Rush Week: Part 1

 Written by    January 16, 2018

If you’ve ever considered going Greek, or you want to know more about the recruitment process, stay tuned for more information! Rushing a sorority can be crazy, but it’s also very exciting! Here’s a little bit about my experience with rush week so far.  


Getting Started

At first, I had no intentions of going Greek here at Ohio State. I didn’t like the idea of “paying for your friends” or being forced to live in a house with a bunch of strangers. As the holidays rolled around, many of my friends expressed how excited they were to rush in the spring. Before I knew it, I caught FOMO, or “the fear of missing out.” I visited https://osupha.com/ and immediately signed up for recruitment. I ultimately decided to rush because I was extremely curious about the process and I wanted to see what sororities were really like from my own eyes.

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What happened next

I had absolutely no idea what I had gotten myself into. I knew almost nothing about rushing, so I started contacting as many people as I could in hopes that they could explain to me exactly what was going to happen. I got bits and pieces of information but I didn’t fully understand until my first meeting with my rho gammas. “Rho gammas” or “rho gams” are girls that disassociate from their sororities to help guide the “PNMS” or “potential new members” throughout the entire process. They’ve already gone through the entire process and have had nothing but great things to say! My rho gams have been so helpful with answering any questions I may have. I wouldn’t have been able to go through this process without them!


Days 1 & 2: Meet the Chapters

I had just completed my first week of my second semester ever, and Friday evening began one of the longest weekends of my life. It was the very first day of rush week; which meant I would begin touring the chapter houses and meeting all the members. My group of about 40 PNMS traveled with our rho gams up and down 15th Avenue in the rain, sleet and snow from 6 to 11 p.m.! I was surprised to see that all of the sororities were very different from one another; I expected them to be very similar. I could actually imagine myself being apart of some of the chapters. The entire process was repeated Saturday, except we visited the remaining 9 chapters throughout the ENTIRE day!

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Day 3: Philanthropy

Sunday was just as long as the first two days; but this time around we were only visiting the sororities that wanted to see us again. Everyone was given their own unique schedule and we visited the houses on our own, without our rho gams. This has been my favorite round so far because I enjoyed seeing many of the girls get so passionate while talking about their philanthropy. On this day, I realized being part of sorority was nothing like “paying for your friends.” It was about finding a group of people you have a lot in common with and learning how to make a difference in the world.


Final Thoughts

Thus far, rushing has been the exact opposite of what I expected it to be. I have met so many amazing people in such a short amount of time. I really enjoyed talking to everyone because it was clear to me where I could fit in and be myself, and where I could not. I cannot wait for next weekend because I will then find out where I truly belong. I’m not a super talkative person, but this process has forced me to open up about my passions and dreams to complete strangers. At the end of next week, I’m hoping to find my home; and I’m hoping to achieve my dreams with the support of my new sisters.

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Rushing is not for everyone, but my best piece of advice is don’t knock it until you try it! You may be surprised at what you find!


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