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Ohio State Job Board

 Written by    February 20, 2018

I may be a second-semester senior, but I’m still learning about new resources that Ohio State has to offer. For example, I recently learned about the job board on Ohio State’s Student Financial Aid website. Many employers both on- and off-campus post their job openings on the website, so it’s a great place to find jobs to apply for. You can filter it to show you only on- or off-campus jobs, or search for a certain type of job that you’re interested in. Once you’ve found a job you want to apply for, the website will tell you who to contact and how to apply for the position.

This semester, I started looking through the job board and saw a post looking for a student steward at the Blackwell Inn, Ohio State’s on-campus hotel. I decided to send in my resume, and a few days later, I got an interview with them and was offered the job!

I started working there last week, and have learned a lot about working in a kitchen and the responsibilities that go along with it. I help wash and put away dishes, set up the lunch and dinner buffet for employees, and assist in organizing things in the Blackwell kitchen. It’s hard work, but it’s an interesting experience. I’m glad I looked on Ohio State’s job board and applied for the job!

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