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Surviving Orientation (and maybe, possibly, liking it?) TIP #3 & 4

 Written by    January 22, 2018

(Photo by OSU College of Public Health)


Continuing the series on orientation, you may be wondering: Great, I’m getting a feel for what life on campus will be like, starting to make new friends but what about the whole, you know, school part. Which brings us to our next tip—

Tip #3: Take scheduling your classes seriously (but don’t stress!) When staring at the packet of possible college classes at your disposal, though it can be tempting to choose “ YOGA 1100″ or “ITALIAN 2055: Mafia Movies”, you must remember that the classes you take in college have a much greater effect on your future than your high school classes did. The classes you take and your grades in them could be the deciding factor in an internship, an on-campus job or even a job after you graduate. Obviously, you want to take classes that interest you, so taking a couple easier, more enjoyable classes is not a bad idea. You should choose classes that you enjoy but make sure they fit the path to the degree you are trying to get (Your advisors are really good at helping you stay on track). Leading us to a bonus tip—


Tip #4 BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR ADVISOR Literally, I can’t stress this enough.

Your advisors are your best friends when it comes to all things academics. After getting my AP scores back, I realized I would get credit for a class that I had already scheduled for myself during orientation. This is going in all caps so you don’t miss this: THE DAY MY SCORES CAME OUT, I GOT AN EMAIL FROM MY ADVISOR. She was so on top of things, she emailed me notifying me what courses I tested out of and what courses she suggested I replace it with in order to fulfill as many General Education requirements as I could. She was with me every step of the way and when my first-choice class didn’t fit in my schedule, she helped me go back in and chose another class that did. Your advisors are always super helpful and they truly want scheduling to be a breeze for you, so trust them throughout all the scary college stuff, they are there for you!


To learn more about orientation, Peer Leaders, or the First Year Experience team, visit http://www.fye.osu.edu/. For more information for future OSU students, visit https://www.osu.edu/futurestudents/.

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