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AU17: Comm 1101— History of Communication (Pt. I)

 Written by    February 1, 2018

Instructor: Melissa Abo

Location: Hitchcock Hall 131 (the big lecture auditorium, which also has an upstairs balcony)

Hours: This course is three credit hours and consists of two 55-minute lectures per week (mine were Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:30 to 12:25). Outside of class I spent an average of 30-45 minutes per week on this class (not including writing the three papers)!

Textbooks: The Shallows by Nicholas Carr was required, but it’s not a textbook. It’s a nonfiction book (about 200 pages) and is very relevant and easy to understand. I really enjoyed this book because of the way it applied to modern, daily life while incorporating many of the communication phenomena we discussed in class. I bought it for about $10 on Amazon. Weekly quizzes covered content from this book.

The other textbook was Revolutions in Communication by Bill Kovarik. It was recommended on the syllabus, but definitely not necessary. I bought it on Amazon for about $30, but I only ended up reading the first couple chapters. So if you want to buy a brand new copy, let me know! Dr. Abo’s lectures are taken straight out of the textbook, so you won’t need any textbook-specific content to complete the weekly quizzes. However the textbook was a useful source for information and citations when writing the papers!

Textbook for sale!! (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)


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