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AU17: Comm 1101— History of Communication (Pt. II)

 Written by    February 1, 2018

AU17: Comm 1101— History of Communication (Pt. II)

Style: Dr. Abo presented Powerpoint lectures during almost every class period. Lecture slides were posted online before class, so I would follow along on my computer and take notes in Powerpoint. Outside of class we had to complete weekly quizzes and reading. Quizzes were open note, so there were very few times I didn’t get a 100%. Over the course of the semester we wrote three two-page papers.

Why I took this class: It’s a major requirement for all Communication majors, and a prerequisite (along with Comm 1100) before you can declare your major specialization.

C-REP: Anytime you’re enrolled in a course in the School of Communication, you have to participate in research studies through C-REP. You’ll get a packet of expectations along with your syllabus, so as long as you follow these instructions, you’ll be fine. You can complete studies online and/or in person.

Comments: All of the papers are required to be written in APA Style. I knew MLA from high school but had never written in APA. As long as you follow the guidelines it’s pretty straightforward. Dr. Abo is very clear and organized about explaining this and is happy to help if you have questions.

Lectures often ended a early, especially toward the end of the semester. I enjoyed this class because it was a unique blend of history, sociology, and a bit of psychology.

One thing I didn’t know until this course was that tOSU’s Communication department is nationally and internationally ranked high, especially in terms of research. Go bucks!

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