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Don’t Fear Your Major

 Written by    February 1, 2018

I want to take a minute to reach out to those with the “less popular” majors. You know who you are. There aren’t too many others that I know who at OSU studying English Education, which can be pretty intimidating sometimes. I’ll never forget the moment at Convocation where my college (Education and Human Ecology) was announced and the applause was barely audible; it used to feel a bit weird being a part of one of OSU’s smaller colleges in a major that not many others share. People have called my major “pointless,” “useless,” and other rude terms, even if they do not know anything about it–and all because it is not as popular as theirs. Well, the good news is that they were all wrong–there is no such thing as a bad major, no matter the size or popularity.  


During my time here at OSU, I’ve gotten to hear a lot of stories from people of all different majors. Eventually, it finally occurred to me that the only “bad” major is one that doesn’t make one happy. Every field of study is different, with each degree program offering drastically different courses. To judge another’s major without experiencing it for yourself is completely unfair, for what is difficult to me may be quite easy for another. When choosing a major, then, you shouldn’t look at the “most-trending” choices. What does it matter what others do? I know plenty of people who have fallen victim to this model of major selection, choosing their majors based only off of others. While this may work for some people, it more often than not leads to four (or more) years of academic unhappiness. The truth of the matter is that your major selection should be based off of what makes you happy as an individual. Studies have shown that your actual field of employment post-graduation may quite likely not even correspond to your undergraduate major. There is no reason, then, not to go after the major that you want. There is no such thing as a “useless” or “easy” major; in reality, the only bad major is one that you do not enjoy. So please, do exactly that– o after whatever makes you happy! 


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