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Update on the Hardboiled Eggs

 Written by    February 1, 2018

The RPAC has some of the best food on campus, hands-down. Even though I live so close I don’t eat here all the time. I often get the smoothies from Juice 2 after I workout, but there are many healthy, yummy options that Courtside Cafe offers as well.

My roommate told me about their special right now: avocado toast. I LOVE avocado toast. This one includes sprouts, bacon, AND…wait for it…hardboiled eggs.

If you’ve been following my other posts (which I’m sure you have [also hi Grant!]) you’ll know that one of my New Years’ Resolutions is to make myself like hardboiled eggs.

My friend Emily suggested that I try easing myself into liking hardboiled eggs by trying them with something else, as opposed to just straight up biting into one (EW!).

So voila! The perfect solution! Avocado toast—one of my favorite meals—with hardboiled eggs.

And thank you, Dining Services, this avocado toast is rad. I had it not one but TWO days in a row. The first time I left only a few pieces of harbored egg, but the second day I ate it all!

Hardboiled Eggs: 1
Eleanor: 2

Only $6— 10/10 would recommend. (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)


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