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Beginning of life crisis: graduating early

 Written by    February 1, 2018

Hi everyone! So far, this school year has been crazy to say the least, but I finally have something I feel the need to write about–graduation.

I know it sounds cliché, and everyone probably says this, but it’s true. I can’t believe I have reached this point. It truly feels like just yesterday, I was an eager 16 year old girl wandering around Ohio State’s campus, dreaming of the future. It feels like just yesterday, I was an anxious 17 year old girl checking my application portal every hour to see if I had been accepted to Ohio State yet. It feels like just yesterday, I was a hopeful 18 year old girl who was too excited to sleep the night before move-in-day.

Now, I am nearly a 21 year old who has fewer than two semesters left in this wonderful place, and I have no idea how it happened. My time here has flown by and I’ve loved every minute of my experience as an Ohio State student. Last October, after scheduling classes for Spring 2018, I realized that I only had five more courses to take in order to graduate. Meaning that after Spring 2018, I only had 15 credits left to fulfill at Ohio State.

At first, I was shocked and overwhelmed. I had not gone into Ohio State with the intention of graduating early. I had not even mentally prepared for the possibility. But yet, here I was, finding out that I was five months closer to the real world than I had planned on for the last 20 years of my life. I cried in my advisor’s office when I applied for graduation; I panicked to my mom on the phone because I felt unprepared, and I kept myself up all night worrying about the next chapter. But after a great amount of reflection, I finally was able to come to terms with reality.

Maybe leaving Ohio State early wasn’t part of my plan, but so many things that come your way in life aren’t part of the plan. The most important aspect of my days at Ohio State are not the quantity of days, but the quality of them.

Because of Ohio State, I am no longer that clueless, lost and naïve 16-, 17-, or 18-year-old girl. I am now an adult with real experiences, real friends and a real perspective on life and the world around me. My years at Ohio State have been filled with more memories, laughs and joy than all of my previous years combined. My experiences here have shaped me into a person I am proud to be, and formed into a life I never could’ve dreamed of having before.

While I still dread the thought of leaving Ohio State, I am finally at peace with it. Attending Ohio State is the greatest decision I’ve ever made–and I hope it’s yours, too.


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