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Surviving the Ohio Winter…

 Written by    February 1, 2018

Winter is one thing when you’re in high school, but it’s a whole other ball game when you’re in college. In high school, you might just leave your coat at home when it’s twenty below freezing. I mean, you’ll only be outside for two minutes to walk from your car into the building. Yeah, life was easy back then…

Now, we have to walk somewhere between ten and twenty minutes to class in subzero temperatures, snow, freezing rain and high winds. Unless you’re lucky enough to have your classes in the same building, you’ll be in and out it it all day. It can be miserable, but if you do it right, surviving the Ohio winter in college doesn’t have to be so bad:

Get the right kind of coat.

You need the biggest, puffiest, most shapeless thing on the market. Oh, and it needs a hood, too. I thought I had a good winter coat until I realized that although my torso was warm, my legs were about to freeze off. The students who made the smart decision to invest in in long winter coats are doing it right.

Hat, gloves, and scarves are important.

You don’t want your fingers to freeze.

Hot hands!

These are great if you have a long walk to class in extremely cold temperatures. Plus, you can buy them with your BuckID Cash at CVS!

Stay warm!


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