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Minoring: a want or a need?

 Written by    February 6, 2018

When you’re heading to college, a lot of the focus is on your major. Often times, minors are pushed under the rug and completely forgotten about. Are they necessary? What’s the point? What should I minor in? Should I even get a minor?

Lots of questions, one underwhelming answer: minors are whatever you want them to be.

There are tons of reasons for you to choose a certain minor, and all of them are good reasons! If you picked a major that you felt would give you a good future but you are also interested in something else, minor in it. If you picked a certain concentration in your major but there are other classes/concentrations you’re really into, see if you can minor in it. If you feel like you should have a backup plan, choose a minor. If you’re only a third year and almost all of your class requirements are finished and you’re panicking over what you’re supposed to do with a whole year, pick up a minor (or maybe two). If you know that there are certain skills that complement your major and would look good on your resumé, pick up a minor. All reasons are good reasons.

I met a junior who had three minors. Most of my close friends don’t have a minor. In most cases, they aren’t necessary by any means, but they might increase your chances of working in a certain field or they simply pique your interest. If you are worried there’s a minor you can get that is important for the field you’re going into, talk to your advisor. If you have a lot of empty time on your schedule or have a lot of interests, minor in something that will bring you joy and enhance your college experience. And if you’re reading this and thinking woah now, I already have way too much on my plate, then don’t minor in anything at all.

It’s not a necessity. It’s just something no one really talks about until you get here, so a little information can go a long way. It’s up to you; do what will make you most comfortable, what will help lead you to the career you are looking for, or what will cause you to delve into a subject that you’ve always been intrigued by. Minors can be wants and minors can also be needs. It’s what you choose it to be.


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