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Lana Del Rey at the Schott

 Written by    February 12, 2018

Although there are many perks to attending The Ohio State University, one of my favorites is being in Columbus, Ohio. Being in a large city creates many opportunities to see some of my favorite performers in various venues near campus. A few weeks ago, I spontaneously decided to see Lana del Rey at the Schottenstein Center.

The Jerome Schottenstein Center, or more commonly known as “the Schott,” lies on the west side of Ohio State’s campus. This arena hosts ice hockey, basketball and concerts, and seats nearly 20,000 spectators! The Schott is only a walk or a short bus ride away for the majority of students living on campus. This is especially convenient for those that would rather not pay for parking, or for those that do not have a car.

Back at home, going to see a concert was usually an entire day event because I lived pretty far from large performance venues. Seeing Lana at the Schott only took about 2 hours out of my day, which meant I had plenty of time to do homework beforehand. I was able to go out and have fun on a school night without feeling like I was going to fall behind.

                      My seat for the show

I was absolutely blown away by Lana Del Rey! I knew a decent amount of her music, but I had no idea how she was performing live. She exceeded all of my expectations, and I was completely in shock. Sometimes it’s really great to take a break from studying and enjoy real live music. If you get the chance, I highly recommend attending a concert while attending Ohio State. It was not at all an inconvenience, and it was a great way to relieve stress!

For more information, visit https://www.schottensteincenter.com/   

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