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Navigating an Internship Fair (Pt. III)

 Written by    February 21, 2018

Okay, so did your research. You made it through the job fair. You’re done now, right? Ball’s in their court? Nope.


Send follow up emails.
Within 24 hours, you should email the recruiter you talked to. Say thank you, remind them what you talked about, and express your interest in the position you want to pursue. Ask them more questions! If you want them to remember your name and help you get the internship you want, you better show up in their inbox.


Ask for an information interview.
If you find out that there aren’t open positions or you aren’t chosen for one, don’t stop. Ask if you can come in and shadow someone. Ask to meet an employee for an information interview.

Not only will this show your dedication to their company (which could increase your chances of landing an internship next time), you’ll also be able to find out more about their organization and the field you’re hoping to work in. It will help you get a better of idea of the career you hope to have and the type of company you hope to work for one day!

You can do this!! (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)


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