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Confessions of a Student Organization President

 Written by    February 16, 2018

During my first Boo Radley Society meeting, I was impressed by the leadership and immediately knew I wanted to hold office one day. Fast forward to 2018 as I finish up my term as the 2017-2018 President!

To earn this position, I took everything I learned as director of marketing, looked for ways Boo Radley could improve, and created my platform. At our president-vice president election meeting, I used my 5-minutes to outline my goals, answer the outgoing president’s question, and await the decision of my fellow members.

Remember when Boo fell from Grace (and Candace) into Olivia and my hands? Fun times

From there, VP Olivia and I had to make like Stan Lee and call out for Boo Radley Avengers to #assemble so we could have people help us execute this year long plan of RAOKs (random acts of kindness). As a team, this exec board worked together to establish yearly goals, set our leadership dynamic, and amend the constitution as needed. During recruitment, we read applications, interviewed potential members, and discovered the debate “Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich” is very strongly contested on Ohio State’s campus.

Individually, I attended president’s training, completed our leader and roster information, applied for office space and (a requirement asked of Boo Radley) attended treasurer’s training. While there is no universal description of what a student organization president does while serving at Ohio State, we act as the face of our group whenever someone reaches out. Typically, we plan and host (weekly) meetings, executive and general body, hold our organization’s goals accountable, and craft an environment where our fellow Buckeyes become better people.

Because Boo Radley has an office in the CSLS, each board member hosts office hours, where we hang out and work on Boo things. In the two years I’ve spent in that office, I’ve made countless memories, had visits (and little surprises) from lots of great friends, planted seeds for awesome collaborations and the occasional study or jam session.

When you have to practice for nursing

But, let’s be real, serving as the leader of an organization isn’t solely about accomplishing goals, encouraging leadership, and fostering a welcoming environment. We also get to do a ton of really cool things, including (but not limited to):


Welcome in gems like these new Boos


Host great activities where we can grow as an org


Make lit features like this one that was shown during a football game for Kindness Week


Volunteer with #PackTheShack for Kindness Week


Met THE Keith B. Keys (the individual the CSLS is named after)


Collaborate with other awesome leadership teams, like Block O


Have matching  exec board mugs  (I’m the cutest president I promise)


Attend receptions, like the BuckeyeThon Student Leaders pre-Dance Marathon Reception


And go on dates with former PVPs of of Boo


Overall, life as the president of a student organization requires a ton of time management, positive thinking, problem solving and strong communication skills. While it is not always glamorous, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time leading one of the best student organizations on campus and I’m incredibly excited to mentor my successor throughout their year in charge.


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