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The Hammocks Are Back!

 Written by    March 12, 2018

No Ohio State student is quite sure why the second semester is referred to as the “spring” semester. We bundle up for class every morning with a puffy coat, scarf, gloves, and a hat for the trek to class in half a foot of snow. We proceed spend the day taking that coat off and putting it back on again about half a billion times as we walk from building to building to our classes (except for those who are lucky enough to have classes in the same building). January felt like three years instead of thirty-one days.

But there’s good news! If you’ve ventured out to the Oval lately, you must’ve noticed the sure sign of spring in Buckeye Nation: the hammocks are back! Although the Ohio weather is still pretty unpredictable, we’ve had a few good days to spend outside recently. If you’ve been feeling cooped up or just tired of always being indoors, take your hammock or a blanket outside! It’s the perfect way to de-stress or get some studying done since second semester is now in full swing.

Seriously, take advantage of the beautiful weather when it happens. Go for a run or just make time to watch the sunset. Your body and mind will thank you.


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