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Spring Break Is…a Week Away?

 Written by    March 8, 2018

You heard it right! Spring break is only a week away! With it being the only real break during second semester, it comes as a huge relief to most of us. Whether you’re heading home for the week or headed to the beach (like me!!!), here are a few tips to make the most of your time off:

Catch up with friends
This is perfect if you’re heading home and will be having break at the same time as your old friends. Make plans with them! But even if you aren’t going home, being away from school means that you don’t have a million assignments and four midterms hanging over you, so use that extra time to call a friend and catch up. If you’re old fashioned, send a hand-written letter. (Or do both!)

Relax and de-stress…
When we come back from spring break, there will only be five weeks left in the semester. That’s pretty exciting, but that also means that there will be only five weeks until finals…so use your time to relax and de-stress while you can!

…but don’t completely ignore your studies
Sorry, this one is kind of a bummer. If you’re like me, then you have some exams the week you get back from break (ugh) that your professors must’ve laughed about maniacally while creating the course syllabus, so you can’t really afford to completely blow off your academics. My plan is to start studying for those exams the week before break and the weekend I get back home from the beach. That way, I can still enjoy my time off without completely sacrificing my exam scores.

Visit your family
If at all possible, visit your family! Even if it’s just one dinner, it will mean a lot. If you can’t make that happen, give them a phone call. Let them know how you’re doing.



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