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My life plan is…

 Written by    March 9, 2018

“So, what do you want to do with your life?”

As college students, we’ve all been asked this question at one point or another. You might have your entire life planned out and know exactly the job you want to have when you graduate, where you’re going to live, who you’ll marry, how many kids you’ll have, and their names (okay, maybe that’s a bit much). But for the rest of us, this question can be a little scary.

It’s okay to still be figuring it out. It’s okay to not know. These are huge decisions, so we shouldn’t just be jumping to conclusions or pursuing careers we don’t really feel passionate about. You’re probably going to spend the vast majority of your life working, so it’s essential to choose a career that will suit you and that you will enjoy. The fact that you aren’t rushing to make that decision is a good thing.

My advice is to spend time researching the different careers in which you may be interested. Don’t just look at the kind of work that is involved, but also the hours, the setting, and personal accounts by people who have been working in those fields (blogs, YouTube videos, etc.). And remember, the classes you take in order to obtain a certain career aren’t always going to be similar to the career itself. You might want to consider job shadowing to get a better idea of what various careers are like.

Don’t freak out when people ask you this question. You might even use it as an opportunity to get some insight on yourself and the kind of career that could be suited for you. Turn the question around: “I’m not entirely sure yet. I’m considering ____. What kind of career do you think someone with my personality would be well-suited for?” You might also ask the person how he or she decided upon a certain major or career.

Of course, take the response carefully. No one knows you better than yourself. And it’s okay to not know yet.

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