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Opportunities for Creativity

 Written by    March 8, 2018

Being a creative person with a busy schedule is proving to be a very hard task. With assignments, projects, papers, and work deadlines, I rarely find time to create art just for myself. But I’ve found some spots for creativity in the strangest places.

1. Nature? Ew

While normally I complain about nature, the recent good weather has been a great motivator for me to get outside and snap some pictures. I love finding new spots on campus to capture, and its fun walking around on a good day.

2. I have friends???

My friends are big motivators in my life, even the ones who don’t know that I do art. I find that I’m the most expressive when I’m alone, but being in company can open my mind up to concepts I had never before considered. And people are my favorite subjects to create from.

3. Work and Play

Luckily, I can get my creative juices flowing at my internship. I am often given creative assignments to work on, and I have a lot of freedom in what I choose to do. My job gives me the flexibility to head my own projects while also learning some new strategies for a future in marketing and design.

4. Creativity in the Sadness

Sometimes I find myself in an emotional pit for a few days, struggling to pull myself out while also maintaining my usual mask of having it all together. Where words fail to describe my pain, I try to turn to art. Instead of wallowing in my sadness, I put a brush to canvas and communicate my heart through the calming strokes of a paintbrush.

5. In Your Dreams

No literally, your dreams. I will usually write down whatever I remember from my dreams when I first wake up. Then I’ll go back and see what I wrote. (Most of my notes are truly jibberish). But every now and then I find something that inspires me to get to work on a new creative project.

Of course there are many other ways to get those creative juices flowing, but these are a few that really help me find my creativity in those in between moments.


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