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Ways to Make A Difference

 Written by    March 21, 2018

One of the great things about attending Ohio State is the opportunity to discover causes that call you to action! There’s something for everyone to stand behind, and one of the causes I find myself gravitating toward is cancer research. Two of my favorite ways to make a difference are through participating in the Ohio State 4 Miler and in BuckeyeThon.


The Ohio State 4 Miler: Finish on the 50

Over my four years at Ohio State, this 4-mile race through OSU’s campus has become one of my (and my family’s) favorite ways to support cancer research. Like many families, we unfortunately see what cancer is capable of, and we race to see an end to this heart-breaking disease. Walking or running the four miles for those who cannot is a simple yet fun way for us to raise money for cancer research, and it’s a great way to motivate each other to #FinishOnThe50 yard line of the Shoe. The Smiths are determined to see an end to cancer, and I’m hopeful that even after I graduate (yikes!) I can make it back to Columbus for race day with the fam.

We’re a family of nuts, nbd.



Ohio State’s 24-hour dance marathon, BuckeyeThon, raises money #ForTheKids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital  in the Hematology/Oncology/BMT Unit. After hearing the stories of strength and determination from the kids and their families, I realized I couldn’t not be a part of this movement (get it?) to end childhood cancer. Dancers who raise a minimum of $250 are invited to participate in a 12-hour shift of the dance marathon, where they can interact with the BuckeyeThon families, attend raves, silent discos, take dance classes and so much more. After dancing in both the Grey (Day) and Scarlet (Night) shifts, I personally recommend doing the day shift as you get more time to interact with the kids and you don’t spend all of Saturday trying to nap. You can check out some of what went on in the video I created to show my donors what they helped impact as Ohio State raised $1.6 million to benefit the kids.

The Boo Radley Yellow team was lit 😉


I’m sure there are a variety of other ways to get involved on campus if this is a cause that is passionate to you, these are two of the ways I’ve discovered where I can make a difference. Ohio State has a myriad of opportunities to find a niche and make a difference, and while it might take stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll find great Buckeyes who care about creating a better world and hopefully have some fun along the way.

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