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Student Org Spotlight: PRSSA (Part II)

 Written by    March 27, 2018

Like I said in my last post, joining Ohio State’s PRSSA chapter is probably the best co-curricular decision I’ve made all year! PRSSA offers lots of great opportunities; here are just a few highlights:

Weekly Meetings
Ohio State’s PRSSA chapter meets weekly from 6-7pm in the Journalism Building, room 360. This student organization does have yearly dues because it’s nationally affiliated, but anyone is welcome to come and check out a meeting.

Every meeting is structured differently, and the executive board does a great idea of mixing it up. It’s helpful to hear from different perspectives in different ways.

Recently we had a panel of six professionals who shared their knowledge in human resources, public relations and communications. They gave job and internship application advice and resume and interview tips. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, these professionals had fantastic advice to share!

Professional Mentor Program
I signed up for the mentorship program in November, and I’ve been meeting with my mentor Katie, who is fantastic, since. It’s comforting to talk to someone who shares my same passions and interests and has a job where she gets to do what she loves on a daily basis.

Katie has been full of advice as I’ve applied to internships, and I’ve enjoyed hearing about her job. It’s really helped me get a better idea of what I want to do in the future.

Agency Tours & New York Trip
PRSSA offers lots of agency tours, which I’m looking forward to taking advantage of in the future since I haven’t been able to make one of them yet.

The club also takes an annual trip to New York to tour companies and network with professionals. I hope to be able to go on this trip next year!

Connect with the Ohio State PRSSA chapter on Social Media!
OSU’s Chapter Website

PRSSA covers broad topics. Sports PR is just one of them! Photo credit.



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