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You are What You Eat (Pt. I)

 Written by    March 30, 2018

One of my favorite things about Ohio State’s size is that there are so many food options. It can be a struggle to eat healthy in college, but OSU offers tons of options. I try to maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle, and this has been easier than I expected in college. (That being said, the soft serve machines in Scott & KComm are my greatest weaknesses!)

The best meal I’ve tried recently is the avocado toast with smoked salmon from Courtside Cafe in the RPAC. This dish is a “limited time offer,” which is a great concept because it’s always fun to try new things. This avocado toast was yummy and fresh (and made a great meal for a meatless Friday during Lent!). It had capers, tomato, cucumber, dill— and avocado and salmon of course. I guarantee most college campuses don’t offer food like this!

Oftentimes I’m curious about the nutritional breakdown of the foods I eat, and all of that information can be conveniently found online.

I’m always trying to discover new, healthy food options on campus, so I hope to to share more of what I find here in the future!

10/10 would recommend (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)


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