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Fitness Friday

 Written by    May 1, 2018

On Fridays, we work OUT.

This semester, I’ve taken advantage of the events and services the RPAC, or Recreational and Physical Activity Center, has to offer.

Heather, one of my amazing housemates, typically works out on Friday mornings. Since I don’t have any Friday classes, she finally successfully convinced me to go with her for one of her usual sessions, and it’s become one of my favorite weekly routines.

When we work out, we typically use many of the machines located throughout the various floors RPAC. Most of the equipment has the directions printed on them, so if you aren’t sure of what to do, you can check the description. The staff is also knowledgeable, and if you still aren’t convinced you can do it on your own you can work out with a trainer.


While completing our workout, we *sometimes* play this game where we try to find our housemate Marissa while she’s on the job. Typically, we find her before she finds us, but it’s nice to see her friendly face outside of the house and ask her questions about the RPAC.


Another favorite activity that takes place in the RPAC are the workout classes. Last semester, a few of my friends from Boo invited me to join them at a Barre None class (a combination of pilates, ballet, and yoga) and I’ve gone faithfully almost every week. The instructors are OSU students who encourage individual growth while providing adaptations for when the exercises prove to be difficult.

If you are worried about fitting in a workout in between classes because of your backpack, no worries! With a swipe of your BuckID, you can use a locker to store your things. Your BuckID also allows you to check out basketballs, weight belts and more, and for that full list, check out the rec sports website.


Whether you want to shoot hoops, run on a track, or do some yoga, the RPAC hosts a variety of ways that students can stay active. I definitely suggest checking out all they have to offer, there’s always something new to try.

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