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The Joye of Cooking

 Written by    April 10, 2018

Now that the obligatory Discworld reference is done with, we’re going to talk about something that everyone really should know how to do — especially if you’re going to college.

That thing is cooking. Because, let me tell you from experience, at some point, you will get tired of the food your college offers. No matter how good it is (or how many varieties your school offers), eating the same food all the time quickly gets tiring. And eating out, while good, is expensive.

Thus, cooking!

Escaping the monotony of dining halls isn’t the only reason I recommend learning to cook during or before college, however. Everyone should know how to make food that they can eat, if for no other reason than food that you cook yourself tastes better. I couldn’t give you an exact reason why. Perhaps the effort that it takes to make it lends your food taste; perhaps it’s because you cook food according to your personal tastes. Whatever the reason, most of the people I’ve talked to agree: the food you cook yourself tastes the best.

Thus, to everyone I say: learn to cook. It’s useful, cost effective and (most importantly) delicious.


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