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Please study for your midterms

 Written by    April 4, 2018

About halfway through the semester (or to be more realistic, two weeks in), you’ll come upon the dreaded and aptly named “midterm exams.” Now at this point, you’ll say, “Dude, I got this. I’ve gone to every class so far (I haven’t even skipped ONCE), I get what’s going on in the class (or at least I get theย gist of it), and it’s just a GE โ€” it really can’t be that hard.” You’ll say, “I’ll at least get a C but probably a B, maybe even an A. Who knows? It really won’t be bad.”

And then, despite all the knowledge you’ve gleaned and advice you’ve received, you’ll inevitably speak these famous last words…

“I probably don’t even need to study.”

Don’t be an idiot (like myself and countless other students). Please study for your midterms. Even though you’ve gone to every class. Even though you understand the concepts. Even though it’s “just a GE.” Please study. Because when April hits and you need a 98% on the final exam just to keep a B, you’ll complain about extra credit to the professor, or cite inaccuracies in how things were graded, or just sit back and feel sorry that you put yourself in that position. And inevitably, you’ll look back in longing, wishing you paused the fifth annual rewatching of The Office just for a moment to study the Vietnam War a bit more and hammer down your understanding of plate tectonics.

Please study for your midterms.

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