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Where, Oh Where, Has Rylan Been?

 Written by    April 10, 2018

Hi Y’all!

Me, enjoying one of life’s great gifts, frozen yogurt, while writing a FroYo Roundup for The Lantern. FroYo AND writing? Peak happiness moment for moi!

It’s me, Rylan.

Yes, I’m alive(?)! I’ve been a little absent from the blog this semester, and I wanted to explain why. Hopefully, in the process, I might also shed some light on the possibilities of student life at OSU and the art of being busy (which are both more apt topics than me simply venting about my routine).

Here’s what I’ve been up to this semester:

  • Internship: As you may know from a prior post, I’ve been working a (somewhat hefty) internship this semester. I spent 20 hours a week ,spread out over three days,  writing and doing a host of other journalism things (like adding commas to a story…the crowd goes crazy) for Columbus Monthly magazine.
  • Writing Center: Also a flashback to an old post: I work for Ohio State’s Writing Center! (subtle plug: OSU’s writing center is free for all students and faculty to use and we can help with just about anything that involves writing.)
  • The Lantern: I also began contributing to The Lantern! Peep the picture of me eating FroYo from OH-YO (I’m a poet and I definitely know it) while writing a roundup of Columbus’ frozen yogurt establishments.
  • ECWCA: A few weeks ago, I presented my research on kinesthetic writing at the Eastern Central Writing Center Association Conference. I also took part in a panel to discuss my previous position as a Writing Associate in OSU’s Writing Across the Curriculum program.
  • OSU Senior Dance Concert: I got cast as a performer in one of the graduating graduate choreographer’s pieces. If you know anything about theaters, you might be impressed to note that I was dancing in the lighting grid!
  • Boo Radley Society: I’ve been a member of the Boo Radley Society for over a year now! We do random acts of kindness across campus to promote student body happiness; you might know us as the people who pass out candy during finals, but we also do a ton of other events throughout the school year.
  • Summer internship search: I’ve also spent a better part of this semester and last applying to internships like CRAZY. Trust me: you cannot comprehend the amount of people I’ve cold-emailed. But I’ve made some good contacts throughout the process, and while I haven’t heard anything definitive yet, there’s still some outstanding possibilities.**
    • **If this sounds interesting to you, you’re in luck. Expect a post soon about my experience doing this!

Okay, okay — I think that’s about it. Oh, of course, there’s classes, too.

So takeaways: There’s a ton of ways to pursue what makes you happy at OSU. From organizations to work opportunities to general extra curricular activities, there’s bound to be an outlet for doing what fulfills you–whether that be something that bumps up your resume or simply something that supplements your study area. With all that I’ve done so far this semester, I’ve gotten to (a) keep dance in my life even though I couldn’t schedule a class in, (b) present on my own research (and therefore my own interests) at a regional conference and (c) work at one the state’s top magazines to further my career aspirations of working in journalism–and that’s just to tick off a few. My advice: just be curious. Between OSU’s many and varied outlets and the city of Columbus’s size and national standing, you’re bound to find something if you look hard enough.

BUT, an aside: be wary of stretching yourself thin (and I’m being reflexive right now, too). When you find a lot of opportunities that suit your style, it can be hard to say no…even when they begin to pile up. Although it might be difficult, having too many options means you’ll have to let something go, and trust me, you’d rather that letting go be intentional than unintentional. Look at it as an opportunity to learn what’s most important to you (I’m still learning this myself!).

Alright, this was a long one. Sorry! I’ll do better about keeping up with you guys, so you don’t get mass lists like this from now on!

Indecisively yours,


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