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Where (and where NOT) to study

 Written by    May 1, 2018

Alright guys, it’s game time. Finals are coming up (and you’re going to KILL IT). But in order to do well, you need to find the right place to study. Ask any student, and you’ll get the cliche answers: “I like to study at Thompson!” “You should study at the 18th avenue library.” “I prefer using the study rooms in my dorm.” Well, these are all swell enough ideas, but these places are crowded as heck during finals week. Yeah, they’re great places to be productive, but you aren’t going to find a table, a chair, or a square foot of floor space. If you want a more reliable place to study, try one of these options:

The KBK Success Center. Never heard of it? I’ve found that a lot of students haven’t. It’s actually tucked into a corner of the union on the second floor. The entrance is relatively hidden (so you might want to use the union map to find it), but this is all the better for you, because most students don’t know it’s there. It’s nice and quiet and not overly crowded.

tiny shot of some of the areas in KBK. photo courtesy of osu.edu

The second floor of Curl. Not many people go up to the top floor of Curl Market, but there are tons of rooms with plenty of study space for you to get your work done (and go downstairs and get a snack whenever you want). As a bonus, the walls are glass, so you get a nice view, too.

courtesy of urbanohio.com

The Kuhn Honors & Scholars house. If you’re an honors or scholars student, there’s a full building for you. I’ve actually never used it, but I know that you can rent out quiet study rooms for yourself.

the Kuhn H&S house. Courtesy of thoughtco.com

Empty Classrooms. A couple weeks ago, one of my English classes was cancelled, but I still went so I would have a quiet place to work. Let me tell you, that was a GREAT decision. Being in a classroom got me in a productive mindset, and I didn’t get tired or bored after five minutes. It was really peaceful and I got a lot done.

Knowlton Hall. Probably the most beautiful building on campus. Inside Knowlton is a ton of space, quiet corners, study areas, and benches. Of course, there’s the rooftop garden to get some fresh hair and sunshine while studying, but my personal favorite place to relax and study is the tiny outdoor nook on the south side of the building (see picture below). It’s beautiful, it’s secluded, and it’s not used by too many people.

courtesy of Wikipedia

Overall, it’s best to find “your spot,” just a place on campus that nobody knows about and that makes you feel productive and focused. There are 593 buildings on our campus. That’s absolutely insane. Explore the different buildings and find which ones have cozy spots or beautiful scenery. Going to the library is not a revolutionary idea, and thus, half the student body tries to go there. Get creative with it. I know for sure that that I haven’t even covered 1% of the best study spots in this post, but I have a couple more years to find some more.

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