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Cap and Gown Time

 Written by    May 1, 2018

A few weeks ago, I bought my cap and gown for graduation! I know many of the readers of this blog are prospective students, but graduation comes around a lot quicker than you might think, so I thought I’d tell you about the cap and gown buying process anyway.

Caps and gowns are purchased at the Ohio State Barnes and Noble on High Street. Purchasing them there ensures that you’re getting the right style of gown–the Ohio State commencement website makes it clear that there are different types of gowns depending on what degree you’re earning (bachelor, master, or doctor), and Barnes and Noble labels them so that you know you’re getting the correct type. The store also has gowns available for people to try on to make sure they get one that fits them.

When buying your cap and gown, you also get your tassel to attach to your cap. The color of your tassel depends on the degree you’re earning and the college you’re graduating from. I’m earning a BA from the College of Arts and Sciences, so my tassel is white. You can see the whole list of tassel colors here. There are some fun tassel colors on there–do you think it’s too late to switch to the College of Dentistry so I can have a lilac tassel?

One of the things I’m excited for about graduation is decorating my cap–my high school didn’t allow us decorate graduation caps, but I’ve seen so many creative ones from Ohio State students, so I’m looking forward to decorating my own and seeing what fun things my fellow graduates come up with!

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