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Freshman Year Recap

 Written by    May 1, 2018

Wow!  A year has gone by already!  It is super crazy to think about how quickly time goes by — after all, it feels like just yesterday that I moved into my residence hall.  Before I completely leave my freshman year in the memory books, I want to take a moment to review some of the most important lessons that I have taken away from this year.

1.) Your Professors Don’t Hate You

Yeah, I know what they tell you in high school.  “Your professors won’t be there to help,” they said.  “It won’t be like high school; you’re going to be in a room with hundreds of students where you are just a number.”  Well, believe it or not, here’s what this preservice teacher is saying to those comments: your teachers in high school were wrong.  Sure, college is very different from high school; but I found all of my instructors this year to be some of the most caring, passionate, and helpful individuals that I have ever worked with.  If you’re an incoming freshman, fear not — you don’t have to fear the staff at OSU (and I’m not just saying that 🙂 )

2.) OSU is Not Too Big — It’s Just the Right Size

I guess this lesson is all up to one’s own personal preferences, but I want to take a minute to debunk this myth.  Yes, attending a bigger school took some getting used to, but a lot of people may tell incoming freshmen that they will “get lost” or “never get to class on time,” but honestly, this is completely false.  Here at Ohio State, navigating campus and around Columbus is super easy; there are maps everywhere, a campus bus system, and the local COTA bus system (which you pay for in your tuition). I even attended a class off-campus 3 days per week this past semester and had no issues.  OSU is just the right size, I promise!

3.) Take Advantage of All OSU Can Offer You!

I think the biggest mistake I made when I first came here is not paying attention to all of the fantastic resources and opportunities that are all around me.  As a student at OSU, your tuition includes so much more than classes — but nobody is going to make you do anything. My biggest piece of advice to incoming freshmen is to GET INVOLVED and USE YOUR RESOURCES!  From student organizations to free tutoring, there are so many opportunities for you to thrive and succeed here. Don’t just sit in your room and pass them up — take advantage of everything OSU has to offer. Your college experience will be so much more fulfilling if you do.


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