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The Best Last-Minute Decision

 Written by    May 1, 2018

For the first couple of months of spring semester, I thought I would spend my spring break back at home. The freezing cold walks to class and late nights cramming for midterms made the idea of a week of relaxation and sleeping in at home all the more appealing. Besides, I’d get to hang out with high school friends and see my pets again. What could be better?

Just a couple weeks before spring break, I changed my mind. I’d been involved with the student organization H2O for most of the year, and everyone kept telling me about spring break trips with H2O and how awesome they were. And for most of the year, I hadn’t put much thought into it. Then it occurred to me: I only get four spring breaks in college (well, hopefully I don’t have more than four…), I want to get out of the arctic tundra, and if I don’t end up loving the trip, so what? It’s only one week.

That last-minute decision turned out to be the best last-minute decision. I went into the trip knowing only two people, but I came away knowing an amazing group of friends. I spent the week relaxing on the beach, playing spikeball, kayaking with dolphins and manatees, stargazing, doing community service, and most importantly, growing in my relationship in the Lord. For me, it was one of my favorite memories from my freshman year of college. It makes me sad to think that I wouldn’t have any of those memories if I hadn’t made that last-minute decision.

Moral of the story? Go on that trip you’ve been dreaming about. Do that thing on your bucket list. Cherish the memories you make in college, because it’s here and then it’s gone. I just finished my first year, and I still feel like move-in day was yesterday.

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