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Finals Week Doesn’t Have to Suck

 Written by    May 1, 2018

Last semester, finals week was not fun…at all. It wasn’t like I was expecting finals week to be fun, but I also wasn’t expecting to be sick, which made it exceptionally not-fun. I had four final exams to take, and many late night study sessions in the library.

But there’s good news! Finals week isn’t always that bad. My first round of finals was rough, but this semester, I’ve had things much better. Of my five classes, only two gave final exams. The other classes opted to have projects and papers instead of finals. Given, those projects and papers were quite time-consuming, but it was much less pressure than sitting down and taking a timed-exam that’s worth 35% of your grade. This finals week, I’ve had much more free time and much less stress.

I can’t promise that your finals week will or will not be difficult. There will definitely be difficult exams, essays, projects, and classes. But keep in mind that finals week doesn’t always have to be *that* bad.


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