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Three Months of Summer?

 Written by    May 1, 2018

One perk of being in college is that your summer vacation is much longer than it was in high school. We have three-and-a-half months away from school. What am I even supposed to do with all this time?

Some students get internships; others choose to study abroad. (Hopefully I’ll do both of those things before I graduate.) This summer, however, I’ll be taking classes at a community college and working part-time. Neither of those things is particularly exciting, and I’m a little sad about being away from Columbus for so long, but they’re both important.

If you’re spending the summer at home like me, keep in mind that although you may not be taking a grand adventure across the globe, there are still things to look forward to! Here are the things I’m looking forward to the most during my three months at home:


Hanging out with old friends. It’ll be good to be able to reconnect and spend time together in our own hometown again.


Warm weather.  …and to be able to do that outdoors.

Pets! The worst thing about college is my dog not being there.

My own bed and shower. No more shower shoes.

Just being at home. Spending time at home with family isn’t something you get to do much once you start college. If you’re planning to spend future summers getting internships or studying abroad, this could be one of the last times you get to actually live at home. Embrace it.



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