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Commencement Week

 Written by    May 7, 2018

I’ve always wondered what graduating students do in the week in between finals and commencement. In past years, I’ve gone home soon after my last final was over, so I’d never been around to witness campus emptying out and becoming quieter. But now that it’s my turn to graduate, I’m finally learning what goes on during the week!

I found the website for Ohio State’s Commencement Week, which has a countdown for how many days are left until commencement and lists different events that are going on for graduating students throughout the week.

One event I went to was a planetarium show for graduating students at Ohio State’s very own Arne Slettebak Planetarium in Smith Lab.

An image from a show at the Ohio State planetarium (photo source)

During the show, the presenter displayed constellations that would be visible from Columbus that night as well as other times throughout the year. He explained a little bit about the mythology behind each constellation and the significance of certain stars like Polaris. The show also touched on the orbit of different planets in our solar system–did you know that Pluto’s orbit looks very different than the other planets? (I wonder if that’s part of the reason it’s not considered a planet anymore…)

I had a lot of fun at the planetarium show, and I can’t believe I never went before the week of commencement! I wonder what other fun things I’ll do during Commencement Week…

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