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Review of this Semester’s Classes: Spring 2018 Edition

 Written by    May 16, 2018

All of my professors have posted my grades on Buckeyelink, so now it’s time for me to review all of the classes for my last semester of undergrad! Let’s see how they lived up to the predictions I made at the beginning of the semester.

Speech and Hearing 5760: Neurology of Speech and Hearing

I really enjoyed this class–the professor did a great job explaining things in a way that non-neuroscience majors could understand and we covered a lot of interesting subjects, such as the neurology behind all of the five senses and the changes that occur in your brain as you age. I had to study a lot for the tests (I reviewed the material once a day every day starting two weeks before each exam), but I did well and it was good practice for grad school. I never did get used to having this class at 5:30pm, though! That was way too late for me.

History 3650: History of Families

I loved learning about the history of families–we covered a large period of history and many different aspects regarding families, such as families in Black Nationalist movements and parental rights of LGBT parents. The assigned readings did a good job shedding light on the context of families in these time periods. I wrote two essays for the class: one about Jewish women labor activists and how they used their roles in families to fight for rights, and one about maternity homes for single mothers in the 1950s. The professor was really great about helping us find sources for the essays, which made the writing process a lot easier!

History of Art 3010H: Gender in Western Art

I definitely learned a good amount in this class, but I probably would’ve gotten more out of it if I knew more about art history coming in. However, it was fun to learn about women artists, queer artists, censorship of art, and many more subjects. The professor did a great job prompting discussion in the class and I enjoyed hearing my classmates’ opinions on the subjects we learned about. We had to write a 10-page paper for the class, which was a lot of work, but I felt very accomplished when I was done and I learned a lot about the painting I wrote about (Titian’s Diana and Actaeon)!

Consumer Science–Consumer and Family Financial Services 2260: Family Financial Management

Once I got past the amount of math needed for the class, I could really appreciate how much this class could teach me. We learned about purchasing insurance, investing money, saving for retirement, and many more topics that I had never even considered as something I’d need to think about in the future. The textbook and online lecture notes were super helpful in giving an overview for each topic. I felt a little overwhelmed thinking about dealing with all these topics in real life in the future, but I was glad I took this class as a guide for what I should be thinking about when I become a “real adult.” This was by far one of the most relevant and helpful classes I took at Ohio State, and I would recommend that every student take it before they graduate.


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