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Freshman year: class reviews

 Written by    May 16, 2018

Well, my first year at OSU is over (wasn’t I just walking around the involvement fair last week? Using google maps to find my classes?) and it feels so weird. It absolutely flew by, and to think I’m only doing that a few more times in my life is crazy. Anyways, enough with my sentimentality.

I thought it would be helpful to review my classes each year, to give people in my major (or others looking to fill some gen eds) a clear idea of what is in each class, other than some rather biased reviews on Rate My Professor that don’t ever give you an accurate depiction. Here are my classes and my honest reviews from freshman year.

Spanish 1155— This class is only for students who took 2+ years of Spanish in high school, because it combines 1101 and 1102 into a single accelerated course. I was nervous to do this, because it had been awhile since I had taken Spanish and combining two classes into one sounded kind of scary. Well, I would highly recommend going this route if you took Spanish in high school. It wasn’t overwhelming or too fast at all. Plus, the whole class was made up of people like me that were desperately trying to reach into their high school brains and remember things from years ago, so I wasn’t alone. Ultimately, it saves you taking an extra class, which is probably the best pitch I can make.

English 2202H— This is Brit Lit, and was required for me but can also be a gen ed credit, and I think it’s a good one to take. It was like the calming class in the middle of my day. We just read and talked about classic poetry together. I understand that non-English majors might think that sounds horrible, but I promise you, figuring out the meanings of old literature is a lot easier than it sounds. Maybe I’m lame, but at least I thought it was fun.

Linguistics 3802H— I actually took this to combine with my Math 1148 credit to fulfill my math general education requirements (it replaced taking calculus). It was undoubtedly better than calc, but it wasn’t my favorite class. It was an odd blend of English and technology principles, and wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But if it will count as math, I’ll take it.

Psychology 2367.01— This is a “second writing course”, which is a requirement for practically everyone. If you don’t want a straight English class for your writing course, I’d tell you to look at the 2367s in other departments, like this Psych one. You get to learn about something outside of your major while fulfilling the requirement, which is actually kind of cool. It was nice to have a break from writing about literature and write instead about the human brain.

English 4572— Okay, I adored this class, but I think you need to be a very specific type of person to love it like I did. It goes in depth in the structure of words, phrases, and sentences as well as explains a bit of the history of English. Classes like these typically have the goal of making you “think of language differently” or “see these principles all around you”, and surprisingly, I actually do that. I’ll read an advertisement or listen to a song and start thinking of the grammatical structure and choice in syntax that the author made. Which is probably weird.

Entomology 2400H— Do not fear the name; there are no bugs in this class. I do not know why it is called entomology, but it does not matter. This class is about evaluating scientific evidence, so you take in-depth looks at common “scientific” beliefs or academic papers and see if the claims are valid or credible. Take this as a science gen ed. Just do it.

Spanish 1103.01— I didn’t want to mention professors in this, but can we take a moment to shine a light on Kristin Hawkins? She was so incredibly sweet and funny and made class so fun. She was engaging and easy to talk to and always laughing. This is the last Spanish class I ever need to take, and I’m so glad it was with Kristin. If you can, please get her. She will brighten your day.

Statistics 1450— Thank goodness, it’s the last math-ish class I ever have to take!! I took it online so it would fit in my schedule, which I wouldn’t completely recommend, because the postings of lectures and activities can be a bit inconsistent. But the class wasn’t too bad, and I still did well in it.

English 3379— This is the required intro course for my concentration (writing, rhetoric, and literacy). It was pretty much what you’d expect from a WRL course, and actually reminded me a lot of AP Lang. It was small and discussion-based, which I liked.

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