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College misconception #3: you won’t get an A…in anything

 Written by    May 24, 2018

Ah, yes, another fear tactic used in high school: “People don’t get As in college.”

Well, I have gotten As in college. Which causes me to believe that this isn’t true. But I would like to look into where this comes from.

I think this statement is supposed to be “it’s not as easy to get an A in college classes as in high school classes.” THIS statement is true. You’ll have to work harder in college than in honors or AP classes. You’ll be graded on a lot fewer assignments; college kind of gets rid of the “fluff” that is oh-so comfortable in high school. You can’t fall into the trap that a lot of college students do, either: skipping class and not doing work until the last minute. Duh, if you don’t do what you’re supposed to, you won’t do well.

But if you’re organized, you actually study instead of complaining how hard the exam is going to be, and you show up and participate, an A shouldn’t be out of the question.

Even more, I feel like professors are a lot more open to helping than I expected. You can easily develop relationships with professors and get help with whatever you need; that’s what office hours are for. Heck, most will answer questions in an email. Grades aren’t impersonal in college. The professor knows you, knows who they’re giving the grade to, and knows to help you out if you ask for it.

However, I also want to talk about “weed out classes.” Challenging majors and concentrations have very rigorous courses that test you to see if you can really handle the material and pace. Many students encountering this for the first time end up dropping or switching majors, hence, “weed-out classes.” A lot of students going to universities like Ohio State were top of the class in high school; they aren’t used to fighting for a B or C. It’s scary. They think something’s wrong with the class, that they “deserve” to be given an A.

Let me tell you a little secret: going to a good college isn’t going to be easy. OSU is selective, and it’s hard to get in. It’s a tough school, and if you want to go to a tough school, you’re going to have to deal with some tough things. That’s how it works. You won’t always get an A, and you won’t be the top of every class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever get an A in anything. College can be hard, but it isn’t impossible.

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